We are deeply committed to diversity. We strive to recruit the best emergency preparedness instructors from all backgrounds. Our diversity is vital to providing the highest-quality training to all of our clients.

Our very own Executive Vice President of Emergency Aid Training operations, Jose Prosper has been a member of the FDNY Hispanic Society since 2000, a Board Member since 2015 and is the current President.

Rescue Training Institute, Inc. traveled to the Dominican Republic in 2014 to evaluate and establish a much-needed training program. The goal of the team was to seek out local talented providers and to start mentoring them to become pre-hospital care educators. After many courses, trip and hours of work we currently have qualified instructors to teach American Heart Association BLS Healthcare Provider and ACLS courses.

We currently are an American Heart Association Training Site and an Emergency Care & Safety Institute Training Center.

Our future goals include establishing a nationwide standard of care & training requirements, and starting an Emergency Medical Technician program.

Emergency Aid Training, Inc. establish a relationship with the Dr. Richard Izquierdo Health & Science Charter School. This relationship led to providing education to their students to become New York State Department of Health Certified First Responders and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT).