The Whole Room Sanitation Solution

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According to Infection Control Today, "human coronavirus can remain active on surfaces such as metal, glass, or plastic for up to 9 days after exposure".

Utilizing EPA approved products via electrostatic propulsion, AuraPrep can provide swift and efficient facility disinfecting should a confirmed or suspected case of coronavirus exposure.

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What we do:

We provide a one-stop shop solution to sanitize surfaces anywhere you are to promote a safe environment and good health. We use highly technical lab equipment to collect samples to verify the presence of ATP (adenosine tri-phosphate), see below for an explanation of our testing abilities. Once an appointment is made, we will conduct pre and post cleaning testing. The cleaning equipment and chemicals used are safe and non-toxic and a use electrostatic technology that is currently used in hospitals to ensure surfaces are clean. Our invoice will include what surfaces were swabbed and their pre and post cleaning results.Adenosine Triphosphate, or ATP, is the energy molecule found in all organic material, including bacteria and human tissues, making it a perfect indicator when trying to determine if a healthcare environmental surface is clean or not. Hospitals use ATP cleaning verification systems to rapidly verify patient rooms and medical equipment have been cleaned thoroughly so that rooms may be occupied or equipment can be reused without introducing risk from environmentally transmissible infections.

With an ATP cleaning verification system, (or sometimes referred to as - an ATP hygiene monitoring system), ATP is brought into contact with Hygiena's unique liquid-stable reagent in the test device. Light is then emitted in direct proportion to the amount of ATP present in the sample, providing information on the level of contamination in seconds.

Application by skilled and certified sanitizing technicians

o EPA approved, safe for all surfaces (to include food prep areas)

o Immediate re-entry to space, no down-time

o Kills coronavirus, cold and flu viruses in 2 minutes or less

o Electrostatic application treats impossible to reach places

o Minimize "sick office syndrome" and increase company morale

Hygiene and Safety"

o 24 hour Emergency Response