The HazMat - Operations Responder course is designed for first responders who potentially may be part of a response at an operations level. This course is designed to prepare students to is to minimize and prevent injury, illness, damage to property and the environment.

AuraPrep's HazMat educators have years of experience in both response to Hazardous Materials incidents and delivery of quality education. Students will be engaged in lecture and hands on skills which will prepare them to respond to an emergency situation where there is a release of Hazardous Materials.

The HazMat - Operations Responder course is consistent with federal OSHA regulations at 29 CFR 1910.120(q)(6)(ii)

Candidates wishing to apply to become FDNY EMT's will receive 5.00 additional points on their application/exam This course will meet the requirements listed in the DCAS Notice of Examination:

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December 14th &15th, 2019 BOTH DAYS Starting at 8:00AM at Glen Oaks Volunteer Ambulance - Queens NY

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